1.  In Yr. Ear
  2.  Milkman
  3.  People Person
  4.  Lower East Side Blues
  5.  Nothin's Gonna Change
  6.  Golden Sunsets
  7.  And Then There Was You
  8.  Mind Rock
  9.  Indestructo



The Drunk Uncle Speaks

"An album that's goofy in all the right places, shows its country roots with an effortlessness that's sunny and engaging.  Songwriters Marc Maurizi and Tom Gerke sparkle on the twangy number but they truly shine when their outer smartass is exlipsed by an earnest love for catchy poetics."
- Seattle Weekly (May, 2001)

"No one could've predicted their crown opus circa 2001 - the undeniably addictive, pristinely recorded We Put Out Records release Drunk Uncle - on all levels one of the year's top independent releases."
- The Aquarian Weekly (Cover - April 25, 2001)

"Cropduster's songs ... pack in tight alterna-pop hooks and quirky instrumental breaks like the ones that Cake and Fountains of Wayne built their names on ..."
- CMJ New Music Monthly ( April 2001)

"21st Century '60s rock never sounded so good ... "
- 3WK.com (March 19, 2001)

Crunchy power pop chords and a penchant for country twang can be found all over Drunk Uncle ... With echoes of obvious influences Wilco, Paul Werterberg, and Brian Wilson, the brief, well-crafted album captures the exuberance and indignation of youth."
- Billboard.com (February 17, 2001)

An Unauthorized Biographical Tale

Hi, my name is Trevor.  I'm from North Jersey.  The boys in the band don't have too many friends so they asked me to write down some of the things I know about them.  Cropduster pretty much started with me.  They wrote a song, "Trevor Trailer Trash," and it appeared on their first album.  It's a tale of action and adventure, starring me as a troubled teen being chased by police who raided my parents' drug-ridden trailer home.  The song was played on college radio and it turned my life upside down.  I can't even walk into the Wal-Mart without being heckled.

Naturally, I've been waiting for revenge.  So here's my chance to let everyone know the facts about Cropduster.  First off, they claimed to have named Drunk Uncle after my dad's brother.  The truth is, they always refer to each other as "Uncle" and the drunk part ... you figure it out.

To their credit, they somehow won The Musician's Atlas Independent Music Award for "Best Rock Act" for their song "Nothin's Gonna Change."  I was there when they recorded it at The Machine Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey.  By the way, if you listen closely, you can hear me singing backup vocals, but did I get thanked on the album? NO!

Marc and Tom have been lifelong friends. In 1998 they convinced Scott to join the band and play drums and the three of them moved into a house together.  Sounds fine, right?  What you don't know is that Lee, the Starbucks workin' bass player is married to the lead singer's sister!  And they call my situation dysfunctional!!?  A friend of mine has illegal cable and we watched a show called "Behind the Music."  That's where Cropduster will most likely end up.

The one thing I was supposed to accomplish in writing this was to tell you what the hell Cropduster sounds like without you having to listen to the CD.  I have no clue what to say.  After all, I don't actually own any CDs (mostly because my dad told me when compact discs came out, they weren't going to last).  Marc told me to say, "Cropduster sounds like a roundtable discussion between Bob Dylan, Ween and Brian Wilson."  I don't own a computer but I heard the Internet once described them as Pavement meets The Who.  I really don't know what that meands.  Drunk Uncle is addictive, gritty, country punk-spiked rock n' roll, but it's no Slippery When Wet.