Thursday, April 19, 2001
Cropduster; punk with a country twist
By Steve Stancato

Staff Writer

Since the punk revival of the early 90’s punk music seems to have divided into a generally predictable three-way road: either moving on to a more political hardcore/metal sound, transforming to the Fugazi meets Weezer-esque sound of “emo” (indie rock), or adapting and blatantly copying that irritable pop-punk style of Blink 182 and A New Found Glory.

But what about taking punk and adding a country-influenced sound to the music? Now there’s an idea. Although the concept of taking country music and mixing it with alternative rock (sometimes known as alt-country) is not incredibly new and original, it isn’t typically boring either. Cropduster of Weehawken, NJ, manages to balance the two genres of music just perfectly so it’s not too punk or too country, it’s just right.

To give you a basic idea of their sound, the band cites their influences as The Velvet Underground, Brian Wilson, The Rolling Stones, Ween, The Who, and the indie rock legends, Pavement. Slowly developing a solid underground following, the band has recently toured with hip acts such as Superdrag, Weston, and Nada Surf. The quartet has also been compared to the likes of Cake and Fountains of Wayne, so their second release “Drunk Uncle”, is highly recommended if you are fans of the musicians mentioned above.

Mixing rock with melody, harmonies, piano and a-typical lyrical content, “Drunk Uncle” may be just what you are looking for it you are in the mood for rock n’ roll with a twist. To learn more about the band, you can visit their website at

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