1.    N2
2. Mind Eraser
3. Habeeber
4. Madman
5. Nosferatu
6. Inside
7. No Sympathy (Live)
8. N2 (Live)
9. Reject the Sickness (Live)
10. Ammendment (Live)
11. Propaganda (Live)

"It's rare for a powerful, melody conscious metal band to spring from the predominantly hardcore music scene of central New Jersey.  It's even rarer for such a band to composed of primarily African-American musicians (four out of five to be exact). But New Brunswick's God Forbid are all about defying the norm ... the group's uncanny knack for combining clean, almost dulcet melodies with ferocious speed and apocalyptic breakdowns sets it apart from most of its underground metal peers."
- Revolver

"God Forbid have setforth to establish a new musical standard."
-Metal Maniacs

"An Americanized form of melodic thrash that hasn't sounded this feral,this original and this revolutionary in years."
- Amy Sciarretto, CMJ New Music Report

God Forbid have their roots in the humble setting of a New Jersey basement...where five young men first embarked on a journey of music & friendship which bonded them into a close-knit unit committed to each other & their music. And with influences like Death, Carcass, At the Gates, Meshuggah, Pantera, Suffocation, Slayer, Oppressor, Candiria & Morbid Angel, God Forbid is sure to create an exciting new angle to the music they love.

The members of God Forbid are:

Byron D: B" is a militant vocalist who pits low, throaty growls against whaling, brain-piercing screate an on-stage presence that cannot be ignored.

John Outcalt: A bass player who can rip out insanely quick & complex riffs , John can also lay down some of the most crushing slow grooves that ever shattered a skull.

"Doc" Coyle: As the most melodically influenced member of God Forbid, Doc captures & displays reality-bending harmony progressions which are almost hypnotizing to entranced listeners.

Dallas Coyle: Doc's older brother Dallas is a guitar shredder who exacts a terrifying vengeance on his instrument with speed-picking death metal sequences & kamikaze-like stylings of pure aggression.

Corey Pierce (The K.P.D.): A drummer who smoothly slips into different dimensions with speeds that bridge the gaps between time & space, Corey can also drop down into hatefelt grooves that are sure to cause mass murder.