1.    Nucleus
2. 3 The Hard Way
3. California
4. Zeroes and Ones
5. Helicopters
6. Palisades
7. The Dove
8. Younglife Crisis
9. Goodbye
10. 2/23/01

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Bob McLynn Fern Mike Watt

"Ferocious as anything in the hardcore scene from which they emerged, they have found just the right balance between melody and assault, between harmony and screaming"
- Playboy Magazine

"Fast. Faster. Fastest.  These boys ain't into power ballads.  There's an inherent anger that fuels this fist . . . [Yet] when the Step Kings get into one of their rare quiet grooves, you could almost confuse the harmonic fire with -- Gasp! Dare I say it? -- an alternative band! Yet that's their strength . . . this band could easily stretch out on their second album into any one of four or five directions, be it punk, hardcore, metal, progressive or whiteboy funky hip-hop . . . Impressive, Impressive as Hell."
-Metal Edge

"As a trio, they do an amazing job of building a potent mixture of sounds and style -- it's a full-throttle sonic assault that sounds bigger than what any three people should be able to produce."
-Designated Hitter

Bob Speaks!

"So the record’s called 3 The Hard Way. That's us. From sleeping on people's floors and eating out of garbage cans; to limos and first class flights; back to somewhere in between - it's all the three of us know how to do. I'm sitting here writing this in the conference room at EMI Studios in Toronto looking at the Skydome lit up green outside of the window. It feels like we've been up here forever. We went back home to New York City for the holidays then back here to mix the record. It's getting there. Greg's locking down the title track in the mix room as I write this. Only a few more days left. So how did we get here.....

"It all started back in early ‘97. The three of us got together and started playing clubs around NYC. We did a couple of demos, put out the Seven Easy Steps EP on our own Fantastic Plastic Record label, and went out on our first tour with S.O.D. later that summer. We pretty much stayed out in the old red van through ’98 as well, in the true indie tradition.

"In ‘99 we recorded Let's Get It On! and released it on Fantastic Plastic as well. College radio started slammin' it, made it a #1 Most Added record, and a bunch of labels started chasing us around the country while we were on tour. Roadrunner Records ended up buying the record and re-releasing it a year later in mid 2000. We just kept touring. When the old red van got tired we upgraded to an RV - touring and playing with everyone from Staind to Incubus to Insane Clown Posse to Slipknot.

"2001, it was time to write a new record. We locked ourselves away in our rehearsal studio, which sits in the shadows of Giants Stadium, right around the corner from the Bada Bing Club. Yeah, and a guy named Tony runs the studio.

"Anyway, we recorded the first few tracks with our buddy Machine (Hed Pe, Pitchshifter, White Zombie) right in Hoboken. The rest is going down here in Toronto with a big Canuck bastard named Greg Below (DMX). I tell ya, this new shit is coming out hot as hell. We're dying to take it out on the road.

"'California' is about some shady dealings we had with some folks from the other coast recently. That's all I'm gonna say about that. 'Helicopters' has to do with living in NYC post 9/11. Fern wrote this from his perspective on Staten Island, all of a sudden waking up to military air traffic every day. "12/23/01" came from this little guitar riff Fern threw down on the eight track awhile back. It was the last night of the tracking session up here in Toronto and we still didn't have lyrics written. We hadn't been home in awhile, it was the day before X-mas Eve and we all felt disconnected from the homes we were about to go back to. Mike Watt said something about December being gone, just like last year when we got home from touring Europe right before the holidays. It struck me and I wrote some lyrics about the moment. Fern went into the booth and sang them, and that was it. It all went down in a space of about 2 early morning hours on 12/23/01.

"We’ll see you on the road!"

-Bob McLynn