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3 the Hard Way
Artist  Step Kings
Album Title  3 the Hard Way
Date of Release  Apr 23, 2002
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Genre  Rock
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This modern hard rock band has a gross cover to their new album (a close-up of some dead fish) and a tough-looking photo on the back of the record of these dudes standing next to a brick building (perhaps in an alley) looking hard, but their music is a more jagged version of the stuff the Disturbed or Linkin Park has made popular for kids. It's a sort of pseudo-dark, angsty hard rock that is less hard than it is commercial. Mostly young rockers who dig the Disturbed might enjoy this too and the band seems to be doing everything right to score a slot on the Ozzfest second stage. Step Kings are not exactly nu-metal, but their songs definitely eschew melody in favor of loud, monotonous shouting and drum and guitar pummeling of the savage sort. But just savage enough to make it onto commercial radio, though they seem like they are not quite ready for prime time. Ś Adam Bregman
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  1.   Nucleus (Step Kings) - 3:38
  2.   3 the Hard Way (Step Kings) - 3:08
  3.   California (Step Kings) - 3:18
  4.   Zeroes and Ones (Step Kings) - 4:30
  5.   Helicopters (Step Kings) - 3:37
  6.   Palisades (Step Kings) - 3:29
  7.   The Dove (Step Kings) - 3:26
  8.   Younglife Crisis (Step Kings) - 3:10
  9.   Goodbye (Step Kings) - 4:08
  10.   12/23/01 (Step Kings) - 4:18
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Clinton Bradley  -  Mastering
Mike Watt  -  Drums
Mike Joyce  -  Art Direction, Design
The Step Kings  -  Arranger, Producer
Fern  -  Guitar, Vocals
Greg Below  -  Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Lisa Sharken  -  Photography
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 2002 CD We Put Out 3

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