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 STEP KINGS- ­ 3 The Hard Way
CD: STEP KINGS- ­ 3 The Hard Way(We Put Out Records)

What do you get when you cross seminal New York punk, hardcore and metal acts H2O, Sick Of It All, Helmet and Biohazard? The energetic grooves of the Step Kings.

Following on from their debut album "Let's Get It On!" the band return with ten tracks of rollicking bass-driven fury that belie the fact they are just a 3-piece. Like their NYC cohorts, Step Kings produce hard rocking tunes with socially motivated lyrics that demand you heed the messages, bang your head and sing along!

With an excellent ability to match tuneful melody with downright aggressive riffs and punchy drums, the band's dual vocalists Bob McLynn and Fern ride the line between harmony and yelling, highlighted by the tracks "The Dove" and "Goodbye". "Helicopters" is a song about life in NYC post September 11, while "California" and "Younglife Crisis" are songs designed for bouncing to in the moshpit.

The album’s title track may well become the band's signature tune and an anthem for the downtrodden with the repetitive fists-in-the-air catchcry "Fuck you to the rich this song is for the poor".

And just when you’ve sweated a gallon and are ready for the next dance, the set closes with a surprising acoustic tune, the reflective and mournful "12-23-01". Step to this!

Lee Oliver

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